Why Store Artwork In A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Purchasing artwork can be costly, and you need to ensure that it remains intact. If you want to store your art for some time, you need to wrap your piece well and get climate-controlled storage. The storage is set to specific humidity levels, temperature, and light, ensuring maximum protection of your artwork against damage by natural elements. Here are the reasons why you should put your artwork in climate-controlled storage units. Read More 

Three Examples Of Fun Comic Strip Characters

Comic strips are a great way to start the morning. You can grab a cup of coffee, or another morning beverage of your choosing, and start the day off with some lighthearted laughs. There are some characters that make for fun comic strips because they are either so relatable to most people, they are naturally amusing, or the interactions between them can already be so entertaining. You can learn about three great characters for comic strips here, as well as some of the reasons why they can make for such fun comics:  Read More 

How Art Is Scientifically Authenticated

Art Authentication in the Past Up until thirty or forty years ago, the methods for detecting a forged artwork relied on the expertise of art historians. People could study the brush strokes used in a painting and compare them to the known works of a famous artist. Professionals also studied the small details of a painting, like eyes and fingers, and compared them with the techniques used in other paintings. Experts could also examine the craquelure, the fine cracks that oil paintings develop over many years, so they could see if the painting was too new to be a true work from an old master. Read More 

Wall Art Arrangements: Mixing It Up and Diversifying Your Design

If your art is symmetrically placed on walls, your home could already have an outdated look. Asymmetrical art arrangements encourage more diversified art buying behavior and could inspire you to collect different types of art. Just by changing up your decor style, you could be opening yourself up to new types of art that add to your decor style and art taste. Here are some tips for breaking the old rules of wall art arrangement and becoming an artwork trendsetter. Read More 

Clothing And Background Tips For A Great Children’s Portrait

The right background is essential for a great children's portrait. And, selecting just the right background for a shot is something all portrait photographers need to be very purposeful about. In fact, the difference between a good background and a bad background is often the ultimate difference between a good portrait photograph and a bad one. In fact, the background can be even more important than the camera equipment used to take the shot. Read More